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3rd Travel Day - Monday, June 9th, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014
Current time: z(7am EST) (Tuesday)

z(10:07am CDT) we enter Joplin, MO to observe the damage that remains from the tornado that struck there  5;47 pm the tornado entered the town. Overcast right now.
z( 10:55am CDT) we get some gas and then have lunch at a steak and shake in Missouri.
z(3:33am CDT) we see our first glimpse of St. Louis Arc.
                      Skies still remain overcast
z(7:20pm CDT) we enter back into EDT. WHOOOO!!!!
We have dinner at a Ruby Tuesday’s in Indiana.
12:00 am EST we arrive at our hotel in Ohio for the night.

Since these are the last 2 travel days and we have home to look forward to, I did not do too much logging. We did do several interesting things today though even if the weather was nothing more than cloudy for most of the day. We visited Joplin and saw how wide the massive tornado was that plowed through the city on that sad day in 2011. Fortunately the city is quickly rebuilding and it looks like they will recover although I am sure that the storm has left it’s mark on the people who live there for many decades to come and it will not be forgotten even when all the trees grow back and buildings are replaced. The drive home was not as tedious as I had expected it to be. Perhaps this is because I slept for much of the ride, but it really wasn’t too bad! At this point in the trip, I am excited to go back home and have some time to myself and to relax although if I could storm chase every day all summer long, I would in a heartbeat! Also, today we went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner, which is a chain I always wanted to try but have never had the chance to. I’m not sure if every Tuesday’s was as good as the one we went to, but the food was pretty awesome!

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